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Welcome to Blooket, a dynamic platform where gaming meets learning! This guide will help you navigate your way through joining games, playing them, and even hosting your own, all while making learning an engaging and interactive experience. Let’s get started!

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Get started

Create your first account

  1. Create an Account: Go to Blooket and select “Sign Up.” You can use your email or Google to sign up quickly.
  2. Log In: Once your account is ready, log in to access your dashboard, which is your command center for all things Blooket.

Navigating The Dashboard

Your dashboard is the hub where you can:

  • Start a new game: Choose from ready-made sets or customize your own.
  • Edit or remove games: Tweak your existing game setups.
  • Analyze game results: Review your or your students’ performance to see what’s working.

Joining A Game In Blooket

Steps To Enter A Game

Joining a Blooket game is straightforward:

  1. Get the Game Code: This code is provided by the host of the game.
  2. Enter the Code on the Homepage: There’s a specific section to enter this code. Input it, set your nickname, and you’re ready to join the fun.
Quick guide

Playing Blooket: A Quick Overview

Popular Game Modes

Blooket offers a variety of modes, each with unique challenges:

    • Fishing Frenzy: Collect the best fish by answering questions correctly.

    • Space Expedition: Explore space and solve quizzes to proceed.

Engage in the Game

Play by responding to prompts and questions. Each correct answer might gain you points, unlock levels, or give you strategic advantages depending on the game mode chosen.

Hosting a Game on Blooket

Creating Your Game

    1. Initiate Game Creation: From your dashboard, hit ‘Create’ and pick from various templates or draft your own question set.

    1. Customize the Game Settings: Choose the game mode and tweak settings like duration and difficulty.

Running Your Game

    • Distribute the Game Code: Share this with your participants so they can join.

    • Start the Game: Control the session from your dashboard and watch the engagement happen in real time.

Understand Game IDs and Codes

Each game has unique identifiers for ease of management:

    • Game ID: Used for managing and reviewing past games.

    • Game Code: Necessary for players to join the session.


Extra Features

Blooket Bots for Enhanced Challenge

Add bots to simulate more players and enhance the competitive environment.

Customization and Style

Blooket’s vibrant interface and recognizable logo add to the exciting game-play atmosphere.

Game Modes and Features at a Glance

Here’s a quick look at some popular game modes and their features:

Game ModeDescriptionKey Feature
Fishing FrenzyAnswer questions to catch rare fish.Collectible items and strategic play.
Space ExpeditionJourney through space with each answer.Expansive levels and interactive play.
Tower DefenseBuild towers to defend and conquer.Strategic building and resource management.


Blooket is more than just a learning tool; it’s an adventure that brings excitement to education. Whether you’re playing, joining, or hosting, each element of Blooket is designed to enhance engagement and enjoyment. Dive into Blooket today and transform how you learn or teach with games!

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